Become Involved


If you are interested in the history of this great city and county there are many ways that you can become involved with The Oklahoma City/County Historical Society. 

  • Become a volunteer 

If you would like to donate a Saturday, we always need help in the organization and archiving of historical items in our collection. Volunteering provides a way to discover treasures that have not been seen since they were first stored away. It is a rewarding experience to hold manuscripts and documents that our founding fathers created to form this great state.

  • Donate

One of the easiest ways to become involved in the important work that we do is by making a donation to the Oklahoma City/County Historical Society. Cash donations are fully tax deductible and can be used to finance special projects or applied to the general fund where they will be used to help maintain and expand our collection of historical artifacts. 

  • Become a Member

​Annual dues are $25.00 and lifetime memberships are available for $250.00. Stay informed of all the events and happenings and help guide the not-for-profit organization into the future while preserving the rich culture and history of its past.  Meet people who are involved with the diverse cultural heritage of the area, and learn more about its past by attending the Pathmaker events.

  • Donate items

Have you been cleaning out your garage lately and found some relics that you think might be important to our area’s history? Did you recently inherit a stack of papers or an old pistol that you neither need nor want? We are always looking for new artifacts for our collection, especially those with a personal story. Donated items will be processed following archival standards and cataloged with personal information that you wish to prov

  • Volunteer to make historical presentations

If you are a historian or teach history, help us raise awareness of the great history of "Oklahoma Station," as it was called by the old timers, by making historical presentations to the community. 

Here are some other ways in which you can become involved...

  • Secure showcases

Our organization is in desperate need of secure showcases. Our goal is to be able to to design and create exhibits where they can be displayed in public places and spaces to be seen and enjoyed by both Oklahomans and tourists. 

  • Ground floor open space

This would be unused office space, unrented commercial space or storefront to use as a storage and restoration area for our collections. This would not be open to the public, only for members to catalog items and restore nonworking items. It could be on a temporary or a semi-permanent basis. The fair price of rent is fully tax deductible. We are open to any suggestions and will accommodate to make your situation work.  

Advocacy and education are primary objectives of our organization. If there is a particular subject that we can assist you with, please contact us with the details. If you are in the field of education and you would like to have someone from the organization address your class on a specific topic, we can assist you. If you need information for a project or are needing help with research regarding Oklahoma City County, we would more than happy to help!

We are a non-profit, completely volunteer organization, and we appreciate any financial gifts of any size. All donated items are fully tax deductible.

If you have a special talent or interest that you think might benefit our organization, contact us and give us your ideas. We are always open to new ideas, but only if motivated by true commitment.