Fun Stuff!


In this section we will dig into the archives of the Oklahoma City County Historical Society and display unique and interesting items that we find, both in our current collections as well as future items that we acquire.

Anything which represents individuals, organizations, and businesses are of special interest as they are responsible for the development of Oklahoma City County. 

We hope to find items that represent our rich and unique history and tell the story of life in early Oklahoma. 

If you feel that you or someone you know may have items that may be of interest to our collection, please contact us. You may see your items displayed!

We also welcome any fact based information, accounts, written documents, memoirs, photos, and personal histories/genealogical information. With help, we can continue to grow our collections and document the cultural heritage of our area.  



The original Hadacol Dietary Supplement 

This is a bottle of the original "snake oil." It was not uncommon to find salesmen peddling this cure-all-that-ails-you in wagons traveling throughout the country. The ingredients consisted mainly of "medicinal" spirits.  

Huckins Hotel Promotional Ruler ca 1920's

The Huckins Hotel housed the first Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City.  It remained the place where state business was conducted until the capitol was completed in the early 1920's. Donated by local Oklahoma County resident












"CSR"  ca 1911


                       This cash register was used in the Aladdin Rare Book Store for 75 years