Historical Tid Bits


Here is a very brief rendition of how Oklahoma City became the capitol of the state of Oklahoma by moving the state seal.  There are many stories of how this all came about but we will not delve into those versions here, as they are not the focus of this page.  This is a very condensed version of those happenings so that we might shed light on a very important project now being undertaken by the Oklahoma City/County Historical Society.

Oklahoma became a state in 1907 with the capital of the state being Guthrie, which had been the Territorial capitol before statehood.  For many years, even before statehood, there was agitation by one town or another for the capitol.  It was initially placed in Guthrie by the federal government, but other towns wanted it.

The Enabling Act, which created the Constitutional Convention, specified that the capitol would remain in Guthrie for at least six years following statehood, and this is what led to the seal story.

An election was scheduled between Guthrie, Oklahoma City and Shawnee for the capitol location.  The date was set for June 11, 1910.  When the votes were counted, it was found that Oklahoma City had 96,261 votes, Guthrie had 31,301 and Shawnee had 8,382.

Governor Haskell wanted the capitol moved to Oklahoma City during his


Therefore, upon learning that Oklahoma City was destined to win the election, he took a train directly to Oklahoma City instead of Guthrie, and opened his office in the “Huckins Hotel” the next day.  He then instructed his secretary, W. B. Anthony, to go to Guthrie and to bring back to Oklahoma City the necessities of the office, including the state seal.  This is a condensed version of an article written by Pendleton Woods


When Was The Word “City" Added To Oklahoma City?

It did not take long after its settlement for people, which came to begin calling what had been known as “Oklahoma Station” by this new name.

But it wasn’t that quick with the U. S. Post Office.  If you find letters among your memorabilia canceled before 1923, you will find that the cancellation simply says, “Oklahoma, Oklahoma”.

In 1923, through the effort of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the word “City” was added, and Oklahoma’s state capital officially became Oklahoma City... Pendleton Woods